Data Protection & Storage Solutions

The Adepto Continuous Data Protection solution helps you meet operational recovery requirements with speed, ease and confidence. Our Continuous Data Protection works across a variety of operating systems and storage arrays, helping you deliver any point-in-time recovery capabilities with improved recovery point objectives. You can recover to the instant before corruption occurred or to a prior consistent point in time.

Key Benefits

1) Protected data

2) Coordinated recoveries

3) Complete recovery flexibility

4) Greater simplicity

A wide range of specialized functions help create a solution that reflects best practices, meets service levels and delivers real business results. We can help you combine a variety of storage applications to develop storage solutions that meets your business unique needs. Our storage optimization approach involves a comprehensive overview of your existing storage solutions, applications and technologies to maximize storage resource utilization, reduce throughput bottlenecks and improve recovery time. All the while reducing downtime. Deep integration with virtualization platforms and host operating systems as well as superior data protection and flexible connectivity. Optimize capacity performance data protection and recovery with storage solutions that are designed to support strategic planning and storage automation. Our staff are experts backup data protection management, data storage networking, data availability replication, data restore and data storage virtualization.

Our customers choose Adepto for our wide range of storage technologies and our expertise in combining different storage technologies to create a solution that meets service level needs and best business practices

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