Digital Ortho Photography

Orthorectification corrects image displacements related to camera tilt and terrain relief inherent in aerial or satellite photography. This allows ortho corrected images to serve an accurate base maps, from which precise measurements of objects, angles, distances and features may be extracted post processing involves several steps such as radiometric adjustment of the imagery to obtain imagery with a continuous tone and image mosaicing to create a seamless orthophoto. The resulting geo-referenced orthos can be delivered as single tiles or re-sampled to different pixel resolution. Digital output in several file formats such as Jpg, Tiff, and Mr. Sid are available for direct use in GIS and CAD software packages such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation and MapInfo.

The final quality control steps consists of viewing every ortho tile to checked and correct any significant blemishes or distortion in above ground features such as bridges that are not correctly modeled. Once the images pass through the final QC, we use specialized tools to achieve a 100% compliance with project file format and naming convention. Adepto uses the latest technology to produce the orthos with minimal of manpower usage. Adepto can handle all Digital, Frame and High Resolution Satellite Imageries