Digital Aero-Triangulation

Digital Aerial Triangulation (DAT) is an extremely important phase in the Photogrammetry process. Aero Triangulation is the process of precisely orienting Aerial or satellite imagery to the control system defined for a project. The Addition of AGPS data considerably reduces ground control points, such as pass points and tie points. The pass points are common to photographs to bridge the images composing a flight line together and the tie points are collected to tie the adjacent fight lines together. An automatic or interactive process is used for the measurements of all points including check and ground control points. The final analysis and the block adjustments are done using a variety of bundle adjustment Adepto uses highly automated Aero Triangulation approach that minimizes man hours and produces the high quality.

Adepto can handle almost all sensors and cameras and also expertise in handling complicated cases such as Dense Forested Areas, Bad photography with bad geometry and radiometry deficiency and Bad photography with lots of crab angle.