Remote Sensing and GIS supported with GPS aided field survey has been proved to be an indispensable tool for forest management.
Satellite images offer the most distinct advantages, interms of consistency of data, synoptic coverage, global reach, low image cost per unit area, repeatability, precision and accuracy. Remote sensing satellite data is found to be very useful in mapping even the inaccessible terrain. A failry accurate database on Forest can be created in a relatively short span of time, which is otherwise not possible through conventional method of field survey.

Different maps and related GIS database is created that includes:

a) Extent of Forest cover
b) Extent of Forest Degradation
c) Forest Change Detection Map
d) Estimation of wood stock of the forest resource
e) Upgradation of the existing forest stock maps and creation of Forest Inventory
f) Calculation of the carbon sequestration values of the forest